Our single motorcycle mount and urn comes with one urn. mount dimensions are 1/2' in thick x 1 1/2 in round

                               price $110.00 +tax

Triple Mount w/ Urn

Pendant Urn

Single Mount w/ Urn

Our patent pending motorcycle urns and all mounts utilize  the stock headlight mounting bolt location. Installation is easy just replace the stock bolt with   a 1/2",3/4" or 1 inch longer bolt depending on the application. We include a spacer to ensure our mounts will fit your needs

 Our triple urn motorcycle mount comes with one urn. mount dimensions are 1/2 in thick x 2 in deep x 1 1/2 wide 

                        price $200.00 +tax

Our products

Key-Chain Urn

Single Urn

Our motorcycle urns dimensions are 1/2 in round x 1 1/2 in long and are designed to fit our single ,triple and club mounts.        

                              price $80.00 +tax

Our key chain urns dimensions are 1/2 round x 1 1/8 in long. (key not included)

                       price $50.00 +tax

Our pendant urns dimensions are 3/8 in round x 1 in long.(necklace not included)

                   price $50.00 +tax